• Gov't Name: Denzel Curry
  • Twitter: @RavenxMiyagi
  • Instagram: @denzelcurryph
  • Snapchat: @denzelcurryphh
  • Age: 21
  • Reppin: Carol City, Fla.
  • Notable Releases: Singles: "Threatz," "ULT," "Knotty Head"; EPs: 32 Zel/ Planet Shrooms; Albums: Nostalgic 64, Imperial; Guest Appearances: DJ EFN's "Lane 2 Lane," Deniro Farrar's "Bow Down"
  • Label: C9
  • Currently Working On: As-yet-titled C9 collective EP due out in 2017.
  • Surprised About Who Is Missing: "What about Playboi Carti? I know you already got Lil Yachty and
Lil Uzi Vert, but Playboi Carti went on tour with them too, you know what I'm saying? Like it's all three of them. It'd make sense."
  • Influenced By: "Nas, MF Doom, Kendrick Lamar, Big K.R.I.T., Curren$y, Kid Cudi... all of them."
  • As A Freshman In High School: "[I was] hyper as fuck, sweaty as fuck, musty as fuck, aggy as fuck. Very weird, very strange and out there. Out there, not quiet, but all over the place. Bouncing off the walls everywhere. That's one of the years I didn't drink coffee. I'll say I calmed down a lot since then. I know how to channel my hyperness better now. Back then, I didn't know how to channel my hyperness, I was just gookin'."

TRUTH: On Being A 2016 XXL Freshman:

"It's a blessing and a curse [to be an XXL Freshman] because I knew what I was getting myself into. At the same time, I did earn this. I've seen people get it a lot quicker but I really grinded. The fact that I'm finally getting recognition for what I do is always a blessing, you know?

The curse part of it is more fame and more shit that's going to go on after it. It can go to people's heads. People are different. I have people to keep me grounded. That's very important. And I like the fact that I have people to keep me grounded. I'll never switch on them, they'll never switch on me and that's what it's going to be. But other than that, it's cool...

I thought I was going to be in the magazine for some different shit but it's cool. Everybody's going to be excited, I know that for a fact because everybody's been waiting for me to be on it for so long and everybody got tired of people sleeping on me. It's that time…

The shoot itself was easy. It was easy, yet tiring, though. The photos and shit. People moving around, trying to get 10 people in one place at once. People moving as a group, people want to smoke, you know what I'm saying? It gets tiring after a certain point in the day. I just really wanted to get it over with. My favorite part of the day was I the solo shoot and the a cappella freestyle. I really liked the a cappella part. I got a chance to show me standing alone, you know, just me representing. But, at the same time I'm still going to give you an extension of myself and how I view things, my intellect.

You get to meet new people, have new experiences. This whole thing is a new experience for me just coming from a 16-year-old getting started all the way 'til now. I've been dreaming about this since I was like, 12. I see what it comes with and it deals with maturity, it comes with financial things. It comes from dealing with media and your craft, everything. It's all about growth and this is a new experience that's going to help me grow so that's why I fuck with it.

I fuck with Kendrick Lamar, Lil B, J. Cole, Kid Cudi, Curren$y, Danny Brown, Joey Bada$$, Logic, Nipsey Hussle and Freddie Gibbs. It feels great to be in that history, man. It feels great for right now but I know I gotta max out after. I gotta go super Saiyan. I gotta charge up and re-up because there's pros and cons to this shit, you know?

I watched people blow up after the XXL cover and I watched people drown, you know what I'm saying? And that's not what I'm trying to do. The stakes are higher. People want to see what you going to come with next and I gotta keep evolving. My favorite artists always keep evolving so I gotta do the same shit, keep evolving. Like Kendrick, he's one of my favorite artists and I seen him here. On the cover and now, he evolved. He worked. J. Cole same thing, a little shaky, but he evolved too and you can't be mad at him at all. That's what I'm trying to do.

If I could make it to Freshman I know that everybody else could make it to whatever they want to do in life. Regardless of whatever the circumstances may be, you still can achieve your goal. I want people to know that. Just keep working… That's what happens when you stick to your roots, you stick to your guns; you're going to succeed. And when you do something like try to forget your roots you can lose everything because you going to forget who you are and where you came from. That's everything." - Sidney Madden

Behind the Scenes: Denzel Curry