• Gov't Name: Herbert Wright
  • Twitter: @GHerbo
  • Instagram: @NoLimitHerbo
  • Age: 20
  • Reppin: Chicago
  • Notable Releases: Singles: “Don’t Worry,” “Yea I Know,” “Bottom of the Bottoms,” “L’s,” “Kill Shit”; Mixtapes: Welcome to Fazoland, Pistol P Project, Ballin Like I’m Kobe; Guest Appearances: Common’s “The Neighborhood,” Nicki Minaj’s “Chi-Raq,” Lil Bibby’s “Game Over”
  • Label: 150 Dream Team/Machine
  • Currently Working On: Debut album, Humble Beast, due out this fall.
  • Surprised About Who Is Missing: “I feel like everybody that’s on there deserves it. I wish Dex Osama was alive. He’d be on the cover. I fucks with him. He was hard. He was spitting what he lived in Detroit.”
  • Influenced By: “I’ve always been influenced by Jadakiss and Juelz Santana. I feel like Jadakiss, he speak from the heart like me. I can relate. I’m a real hip-hop fan. I’ve been listening to hip-hop and watching videos for years and being able to be around these type of
guys and collab. Jada influenced me a lot just with how he talk. He speak from the soul with his real-life stories. He talks about what’s going on and doesn’t sugarcoat. Juelz is always hard. He came in the game hard. He was young, 18. I didn’t even know [he was that young]. As a kid, I’m thinking Juelz was grown. He was young doing that. He was really dominating the game. He
was a spitter. From the flow to the wordplay to the swag, I used to dress like him and everything. Everybody in Dipset is legends to me.”
  • As A Freshman In High School: “I was never shy. I came into
 school feeling myself. I was playing basketball as a Freshman. I don’t want to say popular but we had a
lot of recognition in the school, you feel me. We came into school well known. It was just on up from there. The teachers loved me. I was never bad or a disrespectful student. I was rapping, recording shit. I shot my first video my Freshman year.”

TRUTH: On Being A 2016 XXL Freshman:

"I’ve been working hard. So really it’s just when I succeed and do good things, it’s like, Alright, let’s get better. That’s just my mindset with everything, coming in humble and then try to make the best of the situation and all the opportunities that gonna come with it.

I got the phone call not too long ago [that I was going to be on the XXL Freshman cover]. I forgot where I was at, probably when I was in the studio or something. They called me like, ‘Yo, we got the cover,’ and they was just telling me all the shit that come with it and how it’s gonna open up a lot of doors. I was looking forward to it. I mean I’m humble with it. I felt like it was a long time coming, I was anxious for it. It was really that I achieved something good. I’m happy, grateful for the recognition and gonna make the best of my opportunities from here on. I feel like it’s gonna bring a lot. It’s definitely gonna open a lot of eyes maybe to check out my shit that haven’t heard of it or might come to a show, you feel me? A lot of different fans and being in the atmosphere with a lot of other artists around me, that’s [what] I’m cool with. New collaborations.

XXL is a big magazine. I fuck with it. I always looked up to big stars on XXL. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, [and those] on the Freshman cover. To be on it, it’s like I’m continuing the legacy. And grindin’ it out. I feel like that’s what it’s about, dedicating yourself to the grind. And it depends on what you do it for, what you in it for. I love the grind. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, I might be a little tired, but then I get on a plane, go to sleep, wake up. I’m on it. It’s just about being on the grind. I’ve been back and forth all year and last year too. It’s about putting in the hard work. When I’m in the studio, I like putting in 10, 12 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, if I can, you feel me? It’s about how you stay on your grind, staying humble and keeping faith. Even when the grind gets slow, you gotta just keep on pushing. I understood that at a young age. There are certain things you gotta learn on your own.

The team around you plays a big part of your success as an artist. You got to have faith in the team around, you got to trust the people around you and be able to work with the people around you, you know what I’m saying. In all types of situation. You got to be comfortable with the team that you have. I feel like my team played a big role in my success throughout the years just because everybody been on the same page and that’s been about working toward one thing and that’s to make me a better artist. That’s the ultimate goal for everybody on my team. When everybody on your team got the same goal it’s easy to work towards it so everyone can accomplish it. Everybody on the same page and everybody happy and focused on building you as an artist. That’s really what my team is with everything. That’s’ why I’m comfortable with my team and being an independent artist. That’s why I’m still independent. Cause I feel like my core team works better on my behalf as a unit than a label would I feel like.

It’s important for me--I wouldn’t say anybody--to stay independent, because you have a core team that’s already working toward the same goal that a label would have. A label is not gonna push a artist as a artist. They gonna do what they can as a label but it gotta be the artist and his core team to know how you gonna build yoself as a brand. So you gotta already have that. If you have that within your team and you able to grow the way a label would help you grow, why do you need a label? It’s all about thinking. If you not thinking in this game and you just doing shit and thinking with any miscellaneous decision that’s whats gonna happen. You gonna have a miscellaneous career. Shit gon’ just happen, you not gonna be able to control it. You gotta be able to control your destiny. I don’t wanna just work with anybody. I feel like it’s my livelihood. This ain’t just music. I don’t wanna just record music and just sign papers and I’m doing this now and doing that and I’m being seen on this. This my livelihood so I want to be happy. I don’t care about being the star. I just want to be comfortable.

You gon’ have ups and downs, so many obstacles, music, no matter what you do, whether you doing music or you work a 9-to-5, nothing is gonna go perfect in your life. You gotta understand that and you gotta move forward and make the best out of all situations--bad [or] good. You gotta understand not everything is gonna happen your way. You gonna have to fall, you gonna have to fail, it’s a lot that’s gon’, you know what I’m saying, come your way, a lot of obstacles you gon’ have to face. You just gotta stay humble and just keep working toward your goal. I understand that. I understood that at a young age from being in the streets. At 14, 15 I understood there’s gonna be things that happen in your life that you not gonna be able to control. You just gotta move forward, move past it. With music it’s the same thing. On to the next. I just try to be more talented as possible. I don’t really think about the bad or the setbacks. I just think about the goal I’m tryna get to.

If I would compare myself to anybody, I would compare myself to the greats. Not saying I’m just good, capable on that level at the time, I’m trying to compare myself to their footsteps. I see myself in the next however many years in control of my brand. A businessman as well as an artist who controls his brand and creates a situation for others and the people around me for people to follow my footsteps and be part of the legacy I’m trying to create as well. I see myself as one of the greats in the future as far as my career is taking me. I want to be known as something or someone legendary." - Georgette Cline

Behind the Scenes: G Herbo