Truth on Being a 2017 XXL Freshman: “When I found out I was going to be a Freshman, I started thinking about how big it’s going to be. Not just for myself but for my culture, for my people. It’s a big accomplishment. It’s like, we got one for the team. Especially just being named a XXL Freshman, it’s iconic in the hip-hop world. It’s iconic in culture, so it’s amazing to be a part of this class.

I remember I was at my mom’s crib and it was one of my days off from the Chris Brown tour. I remember walking in and my brother, [who is my] manager, tells me, ‘Yo, you made the XXL cover. Don’t tell anybody!’ I didn’t believe him at first, but once he told me it was true, I felt blessed to know that I had made the cover. I feel like this year, you can’t knock my growth. I remember two years ago, [XXL said they] felt like [it] was too early. That’s how I felt two years ago, and last year I felt the same so I had to be honest with myself. I feel like this year, I was ready more than ever because I had a hit record with “Girlfriend” and my project, El Southside, did well for me. That was just the set me up I needed and I’m a Freshman now and headed to greatness.

I feel like I was chosen as a Freshman because I think a lot of artists nowadays, you don’t really see them being different, being themselves. A lot of people sound the same and I feel like they can see that I’m representing something new. Although I’m young and I talk about all that fun shit, I also talk about real shit too that my culture can relate to. People see my vision and like I said, I’ve just been going straight to the top ever since I started. It feels good to be acknowledged by the hip-hop community. I think because I’ve been solid with everything that I’ve done. The music has spoken for itself and a lot of people from all walks in life have accepted my music. It’s really cool to see that support for me. You can’t deny talent and every year I’ve been coming with it.

I want to remembered as the underdog. I want to be remembered as the guy people said when the cover came out, ‘Who’s that?’ But, then I just come out of nowhere and just blow. Ain’t nothing come easy for me so I’m gonna continue to put in the work.

I’m celebrating the cover release by going to Magic City [Gentlemen’s Club]. I’m gonna pop me a Hennessy bottle and I’m gonna go crazy in there. We fucking with the strippers that night. It’s a celebration. I’m bringing the blow-up [of the] cover to the strip club and put it right in front of Magic.”—Roger Krastz

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