• Gov't Name: Dieuson Octave
  • Twitter: @KodakBlack1K
  • Instagram: @KodakBlack
  • Snapchat: @RoadRunnerBill
  • Age: 19
  • Reppin: Pompano Beach, Fla.
  • Notable Releases: Singles: "SKRT," "Skrilla," "Like Dat," "No Flocking"; Mixtapes: Project Baby, 
Heart of the Projects, Institution, Lil B.I.G. Pac; Guest Appearances: French Montana's "Lockjaw," Plies' "Outchea," Rich The 
Kid's "Plug"
  • Label: Dollaz N Dealz/Atlantic Records
  • Currently Working On: As-yet-titled major label debut album due 2017.
  • Surprised About Who Is Missing: "My dawg Jackboy. He's got a drive just like me. I'm gonna sign him to my label, Snipergang."
  • Influenced By: "Boosie. 'Cause when he dropped his first mixtape Youngest of
Da Camp I was like, Oh, I'm youngest out the camp, you know what I'm saying? Lil Wayne was real young too, though. He was straight but he didn't have that all-the-way-outchea vibe. He gave the vibe that he was a good rapper. But then when I got hip to Boosie, that's how I felt. And B.G. and Juvenile."
  • As A Freshman In High School: "I was [called] J-Black back then. I played football, basketball and I boxed. I was playing little league football for the Coconut Creek Eagles. I liked reading and all that literature stuff."

TRUTH: On Being A 2016 XXL Freshman: "It makes me feel good. I counted all my blessings. I appreciate this a whole lot 'cause I thought 
I was gonna miss it. Just like how everything fall into place. Only God knows my situation. [I got out of jail], went straight to the airport and came here. I feel like I got longevity. Since I'm here I might as well go platinum like André 3000.

I mean I'm so stressed, I'm blessed. I need this. I'd rather be on XXL magazine than be on the newspaper. My mom, she gon' have one. I'ma have one. I'ma hang it on the way in my house, all of that. It's deeper than rap. Everybody got they time and it's probably my time right now. Like a polka dot, I'm comin' to take everybody spot.

To get to this point it took a lot. From the outside lookin' in it look like I just popped out of nowhere like a groundhog. Grindin' is what put me here. It took grindin' for people to notice me. All my peers, even the negative ones, the whole Florida got me here. I kind've overlooked it when I seen it. I was like, For real? Nah. Me? Recently my eyes been opening like damn, For real? I've been seeing it. My brother told me, "You might not wanna be." I woke up and I was a fuckin' star one day. Everything I do, everything I say, is big. That's why it goes back to that 'Pac tweet [I'm better than Pac and Biggie]. I was just in my vibe. Like, Fuck it. But, I kind of do feel like that. I do feel like that. I feel like 'Pac got something to do with me a little bit. He died the same year I was born." - Georgette Cline

Behind the Scenes: Kodak Black