• Gov't Name: David Burd
  • Twitter: @lildickytweets
  • Instagram: @lildickygram
  • Snapchat: @booburd
  • Age: 28
  • Reppin: Cheltenham Township, Pa.
  • Notable Releases: Singles: “$ave Dat Money,” “Professional Rapper,” “Lemme Freak”; Albums: Professional Rapper; Mixtape: So Hard; Guest Appearance: Trinidad James’ “Just A Lil’ Thick (She Juicy)”
  • Label: None
  • Currently Working On: As-yet-titled EP due out in 2017 and a television show for a major network.
  • Surprised About Who Is Missing: “Father. I just think he’s really cool and creative. He has so many songs that a lot of people know and he's really dope.”
  • Influenced By: “Growing up it was Jay Z and Nas. They were like my two big influences. Jay Z’s perspective was amazing, Nas’ storytelling and flow was amazing and as soon as Drake came out he kind of took over the reign, so right now it’s Drake, for sure.”
  • As A Freshman In High School: “I was a pussy. I was really awkward looking. I wasn’t getting any girls at all, but I was very class-clownish and I got good grades.”

TRUTH: On Being A 2016 XXL Freshman:

“It’s the big co-sign. You see all these rappers before they get huge on the cover and it’s an indicator of who people predict will be huge. Now that I’m on the cover, I feel obligated to make sure that when you look back at this class, you see some stars on it. I can only account for myself, but I plan on being a full-fledge star.

I got chosen because XXL respects the way I rap. I think they see originality and creativity in me and they probably believe that I am the truth. You grow up and you see all these people and all these great rappers that were on the cover. It's just awesome and an honor to be a XXL Freshman.

This year was really over the top year for me. Last year would've been a really big reach. This year I feel like with “$ave Dat Money” coming out and blowing up the way it did, I just feel like the breaking point occurred when people really started to know who I was. It’s easy not to take me serious because a lot of what I do is funny. Like my rap name is Lil Dicky. It’d be easy to not necessarily take into account the skill level in which I'm rapping. The fact that everybody is well aware of what I'm doing and why it's great makes me feel like nothing is being lost. It's not over anyone's head, it's like everybody gets my style of rap. Honestly, the only thing that matters is making my fans and the hip-hop community happy. I really only care about that.

I think a lot of things that make me different from the rest of this year's class. My style is totally different. A lot of what I do is comedic based. I bring a different perspective and a different background. I'm sure the music is much different but mostly the comedic twist I put on things I think is the biggest differentiator.

There are a lot of rappers here that I like and that I never met before so it was cool to meet everyone at once. Desiigner’s energy is so insane like he's so great to be around. Now when I hear Desiigner, I have a completely different take on him because I know that's him and his core. It really made me appreciate him. Meeting Dave East again and talking about [being a freshman at the same time while attending] the University of Richmond [together] was probably one of my favorite moments [of the day]. Me and him bonded like the hardest. What are the odds that I shared Freshman year of college with East? I mean we have the same vision of our Freshman year and that's cool to share that with Dave and now this Freshmen cover in 2016.

I’ll probably go out and buy a whole bunch of magazines and Snapchat myself with the magazine on hand. More than likely I’m going to frame it and put up in my house. I’m not like a big partier, so I’m not going to be throwing a big party of any sorts. Odds are I’ll probably be watch Netflix.”- Roger Krastz

Behind the Scenes: Lil Dicky