Truth on Being a 2018 XXL Freshman: “Purpp [got me into rapping]. He was rapping first. At first I wasn’t rapping and he like, ‘Bro, just start rapping, fuck it.’ I just tried it out. It worked. He like, got me to record and shit. [This was] probably like three years ago. [Now, life is] crazy and fun. [Being a Freshman] is a good look overall. It’s all about having fun. [I liked the class Chief Keef] was on. The cover was fun. The Freshmen was lit. [Today’s cypher] was fun. I think that is the funniest part. [I threw like] $40,000, $50,000 around. Literally, my favorite of this is Purpp is on it [with me]. It’s lit. Having a crazy following is my favorite part [of success so far.] [The fans] matter a lot to me. They made me who I am today. I don’t let [pressure] get to me.”—As told to Vanessa Satten

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