• Gov't Name: Miles McCollum
  • Twitter: @lilyachty
  • Instagram: @lilyachty
  • Snapchat: @lilyachty
  • Age: 18
  • Reppin: Atlanta
  • Notable Releases: Singles: “1Night,” “Hella Os,” “Minnesota”; Mixtape: Lil Boat The Mixtape; Guest Appearance: D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli,” iLoveMakonnen’s “Loaded Up,” Key!’s “Treat Yourself”
  • Label: Quality Control Music
  • Currently Working On: Second mixtape, Summer Songs 2, due out this summer.
  • Surprised About Who Is Missing: “I’m surprised Famous Dex wasn’t even on the lineup. Like you couldn’t even vote for him. Dex been going kind’ve hard this year.”
  • Influenced By: “Lil B, Kid Cudi and Soulja Boy. That’s probably it. Kanye West. That’s what I grew up listening to. That’s what made me want to rap.”
  • As A Freshman In High School: “I was wack. I was just corny, trying to figure myself out. All four years ’til I was a senior. You know what? I know the first day of high school
I wore a ‘Thank you, Based God’ shirt. Because I wore uniforms in school so I couldn’t wait to wear my own clothes and show off.”

TRUTH: On Being A 2016 XXL Freshman:

“I always wanted to be a Freshman since... who knows. The freestyles were always so cool. The cyphers are cool. The cover is always cool. The anticipation for who’s going to make it is cool. Plus, I got a lot of haters who don’t want to see me on it, so I can’t wait ’til they see me.

They think I got this overnight. They think I’m just out of nowhere and stuff. But I’ve been working for years before this. Even like my style, my hair and stuff. I didn’t do this to be different. I just did it because I liked it, because it’s me. I’ve been doing this for years. I’m not trying to be different; I’m just being myself.

I’m just excited for the haters to see me on there and not be able to talk shit. Or if they do talk shit, fuck ’em because I’m here and they not. It’ll show people I worked really hard. I know a lot of people going hate it. I can’t wait. For the people that are hatin’, they won’t ever expect it and they just going to be upset. It’s going to be great. My people are going to be happy, but a lot of people going to be upset. I just can’t wait for that. I’ve got haters because I’m starting a new sound wave and people aren’t used to it. It’s different. A lot of old people don’t like different.

Being on [the Freshman list], it’s just hype. It’s like you made it that year. If you get this, it means you’ve achieved a certain level of, I don’t want to say popularity, but like acknowledgement. You’re acknowledged for doing something right in what you’re doing. And XXL, that’s really big to me. Them fake lists, they be having me photoshopped and stuff. Crazy. I’m looking forward to seeing when people see the photos, see me on the cover when it comes out and read all the gossip.

[As for former Freshmen], I fuck with Cudi. I fuck with Chance The Rapper, he’s really tight, I just did a song with him. That was really cool. I respect Shy Glizzy. I mean, I respect everyone. I fuck with DeJ Loaf. Lil B of course. I mean, it can only go up from here. I’m happy to be with them now, in that league. I’ve proved I worked hard enough to get to where I am now, so maybe, they’re going to respect me a little more. And if not, fuck ’em.

I’m not exactly sure if this is going to go on the next tape, but I’ve been working with Harry Fraud, me and Metro going to get it when we get back to Atlanta, Clams Casino just sent me a beat. And then I really just have all my own producers from Lil Boat like, E-Bundles, Burberry Perry, Sage, Earl. Ten years from now, I don’t know if I’ll still be rapping. I’m not saying I won’t, I just don’t know. I probably will. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m still going to be getting money, though.”
- Sidney Madden

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