Truth on Being a 2018 XXL Freshman: “I mean, I’ma be real, it was weird as fuck [when I found I was a Freshman]. Like, it was so weird because I worked so hard for this, dead-ass. I’m not discrediting any other rapper, but I really put in an unnecessary amount of work for this shit and I never thought it was gonna be appreciated. I always thought I was gonna be one of those rappers that niggas wouldn’t appreciate my shit unless I’m dead or something or my time is up. So, the fact that I got this opportunity to be a Freshman, I feel like I just put the nail in the coffin with that.

Honestly, I feel like this just helped me out so much ’cause this shit just made me prove a lot of people wrong. A lot of people counted me out. I was going through a lot of personal shit. I feel like even my fans at one point counted me out. We back; I feel like this shit stamped that for me. I’m tryna be here to stay. I’m not tryna be one of those cats here today, gone tomorrow. Hence why I work so hard for this shit.

I know my mom’s gon’ cry when she sees the cover. I know my dad’s gon’ cry. A lot of people gon’ cry when they see me on the cover. My mom’s literally witnessed me sleeping on floors just to make this happen. Like, literally at one point she thought I was throwing my life away for this shit. So, I feel like just for her to see me on the cover, it’s gonna give her validation.

Now, it’s about doing it bigger and better from this point out. Being on this cover just gave me so much more motivation to actually do something ’cause I was at a point in my career where I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. I was releasing good music, but I felt like I kept getting overlooked and overshadowed.

I’ve got every single Freshman cover at my mom’s house. I used to watch that shit and be like, Damn, bruh, I wonder if my name could be up there one day. And I took rapping serious. My dad used to make me listen to all the old shit so it’s like I studied it as a student.”—As told to Georgette Cline

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